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Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt - Kamba Mpenge

Perfect for those on the dairy free challenge...


600ml Coconut milk 4 probiotic capsules

Gather ingredients and glass jar and wooden or plastic spatula. You can't use any metal on this.

Pour the coconut milk in the glass jar, ensure it's a smooth fluid. if any solids are present try to melt them on low heat and mix well before pouring into jar.

Open the probiotic capsules and empty contents in the glass jar - so please do get capsules and not tablets.

Cover with the muslin cloth and secure with string or elastic. Place in warm place or oven with only oven light on for 24-48hours. i placed mine in our airing cupboard.

After 24hours it looked like this. yours might not separate which is even better - but if it does, simply stir the contents again.

After 24hours it looked like this.  Yours might not separate which is even better. but if it does, simply stir the contents again i left it to continue processing for another 24hours then i refrigerated it overnight

After refrig…

Banting Chocolate Ice cream

6 eggs 500ml fresh cream Pinch salt 6 tbs cocoa powder 4-6 tbs sweetener of choice
Separate eggs. Whip whites till stiff. Whip cream till stiff. Whip yolks till creamy, add some whipped cream (about a cup) then sweetener and cocoa and salt. Beat well. Add the remaining whipped cream and egg white and fold in. Put into a container - into the fridge and freeze for at least 8 hours. Enjoy!

Fabulous Sugar-Free February Challenge

So the instructions are - read through and follow the rules. Take the Shopping list with you, go buy what you need. Prepare the meals as stated, keeping it simple. Ask questions as you need to, as stated in rules.

1. Read the Banting Beginners Guide & Join Banting 7 Day Meal Plans 2. Keep it as simple as possible 3. There are optional ingredients on the list - use these at your own discretion. There is nothing wrong with using them, but it is an added extra. 4. You can have dessert if you want it, but like point #3 above - its an added extra. Just make sure its a banting friendly dessert. 5. Use the Hashtag #Make2018Yours to ask your question in the post on the Banting 7 Day Meal Plans Group. 6. Try to invest in the Carb Wise App. It is the preferred method of measure. This way you can tweak the values on the meal plans given to go with the amount you're allowed to eat for your specific amount of weight loss.

Before looking through the shopping lists, find the important Banting in…

Hearty Lamb Stew


4 large carrots 500g boney lamb 1 tin tomatoes 2 tbs chopped mixed herb 1 tbs garlic 50ml carb smart sticky braai sauce 250ml water Salt and pepper to taste 2 tbs fat or oil of choice 10 picking/baby onions
Melt fat/oil and add onions then brown. Add spices, salt and pepper and herbs then lamb - browning on all sides. Add tomatoes and carb smart sauce - then peel and chop carrots into chunks. Add carrots, then water. Cover, then simmer for at least an hour. I used a hay bag and let it cook in there for the day. Enjoy!

2 Week Dairy Free Meal Plan - with Shopping List

Some members have the misfortune of not being able to digest milk properly - causing a variety of issues (bloating, diarrhea, indigestion etc) - and some have experienced their weight loss stalling while still consuming dairy - so they opt for dairy free.
If you have centered your Banting around deriving most of your fat from your dairy - the transition can be a bit difficult for some.

Use the meal plan and shopping list below to help with that.

Before looking through the shopping lists, find the important Banting info here:

Banting Lists

Net Carb List

How to Read Labels

How to deal with Carb Flu

Can I drink Alcohol?

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Shopping List:

2 Cauliflowers
1 Cabbage
1 Large Punnet Baby Marrow
1 punnet baby corn (optional)
2 Whole Broccoli
1 750g bag Carrots
2 whole chillies
1 pack clean curry powder (ask on group)
2 Onions
1 Large Pumpkin
2 Packs Spinach
2 Pieces fish of choice
300g Beef Goulash or Strips
4 Chicken Fillets
600g Mince
2 tins …